Finding the Right Lawyer: What To Look For When Searching For Legal Help

Product liability lawyers encompass a large scope of different practices and finding the right one can be an overwhelming task. But with a little help and guidance, choosing the right product liability lawyer can be a much simpler process.

Rest assured that when it comes to an injury received from pharmaceutical products like Xarelto or medical devices like IVC filters, Hotze Runkle is here to make sure you and your loved ones get restitution for your suffering.

When looking for the right legal team there are a number of aspects to consider. Let us start with the basics:

What is a product liability lawsuit?

Product liability is the legal liability manufacturers or sellers face if they make or sell a faulty product. There are generally three types of product liability:

  • Defectively Manufactured

    These devices or drugs were somehow tainted or faulty because of the manufacturing process. Reasons include an error in labeling, contamination, or unsecured components.

  • Dangerous Side Effects and Complications

    These mainly cover drugs that have been on the market for a long time before side effects were found. In some instances, manufacturers should have known – and in some instances did know – about the risks of taking the drug but never warned doctors and/or patients.

  • Improper Marketing

    This covers the warning labels, instructions, and uses manufacturers provide on a product, drug or device. In some cases, not enough information is provided on the warning label. Other times, the product is marketed in a way that isn’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

One thing to keep in mind when filing a product lawsuit is that if the prescribing doctor explained the side effects of the product, along with the associated dangers, and you still decide to use the medication, you may not be able to file a claim.

However, in cases like the multidistrict litigation for the drug Xarelto, if drug makers leave out information regarding dangerous side effects, you may qualify to file a lawsuit if that warning could have prevented injury.

You have to be vigilant, though. Pharmaceuticals companies will attempt to waive responsibility by taking actions after the fact, such as adding label warnings once product defectiveness has come to light.

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What to Look for in a Product Liability Lawyer

Finding the right personal injury or product liability lawyer isn’t a daunting task if you employ a little sound reasoning; get to know your potential lawyer a bit.

  1. Look For Experience

  2. Most lawyers offer an initial consultation for free. Treat this initial meeting between you and your potential lawyer as if you were interviewing them for a job. What kind of questions would you ask?

    Maybe talk a little bit about how long he or she has dealt with cases like yours, major experiences, case winnings, areas of expertise, and other things of this nature.

  3. Look To See How Busy The Law Firm Is

  4. Another important piece of information to receive from the lawyer pertains to their firm’s workload. Ask the lawyer how many other active cases does he or she have.

    Why? If the firm is dealing with a lot of cases, your case may not receive the time and attention it needs to be successfully litigated.

  5. Look To See If He/She Settles

  6. A good product liability lawyer knows when victory is near, but a good attorney will leave the final decision to settle or go to trial up to you. Make your wishes well known with the attorney early on in the process.

  7. Look For A Fair Deal

  8. A potential attorney may require a retainer fee if you decide they should represent you. A great idea is to ask what the terms and conditions for the retainer fee are. It may be used to supplement the lawyer’s income for that case or used to obtain research.

  9. Look At The Documents You Are Signing

  10. Do not sign a contract until you have discussed at length, and to your satisfaction, what the terms and conditions are. Dishonesty has no place between you and your potential product liability lawyer. This type of behavior harms both lawyers, and most importantly, the law.

  11. Pay Attention To The Firm’s Staff

  12. Ensure that the staff is trustworthy and caring. Often times, it is these other staff members who help to gather information and help develop your case. Their abilities are just as vital and play an important role in making sure your case gets the proper attention you need.

  13. Pay Attention To The Attorney’s Body Language And Soft Skills

Does it appear that the attorney is truly paying attention to your needs and story or are they distracted performing other tasks as you describe to them your pain? They shouldn’t just be staring off into space, as it is your story that matters most.

Do they seem strong-willed? That’s a good thing! Being headstrong shows that they can take charge and command respect in the courtroom.

Are they modest? Remember, this person is representing you in a court of law, and arrogance won’t get the case pretty far. This is about you, not a stage for the lawyer to perform.

Does he or she understand the full situation of your suffering, story, and feelings? Is he or she adept in law? These are important factors when relaying what you have endured to the jury.

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