IVC Filter Litigation

A Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter is a medical device inserted into the inferior vena cava vein of patients for the purpose of preventing blood clots from entering into the heart, lungs, or brain, by capturing the clots in the bloodstream.

IVC Filters are predominantly placed in patients who are at high risk of pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in one of the arteries in the lungs) and who are unable to take anticoagulant medication (drugs that help to prevent blood clots).  Depending on the severity of each case, surgeons may either implant retrievable (short-term) IVC filters or permanent IVC filters for long-term protection.  Retrievable IVC filters are designed for removal once a patient’s health risks have subsided.

Lawsuits involving IVC Filters report the devices falling out of place or breaking apart, as well as manufacturers failing to warn patients and physicians about the hazards of these risks.  The metal device can break into fragments within the vein and then migrate through the blood, damaging vein walls and vital internal organs such as the heart and lungs, causing both serious and fatal injuries.

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Additional arguments within the lawsuits claim the development of blood clots at the location where devices were placed – essentially causing the effects they were meant to subdue.  In fact, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has reported that the IVC blood clot filters show no evidence of benefit and may even be designed with fatal flaws.

The FDA has also issued warnings against leaving IVC filters in patients for lengthy periods of time due to the potential of causing dangerous health complications.  Doctors have been advised by the FDA to surgically remove the devices once PE risks have subsided. However, the governing agency has shown concerns about the failure of medical professionals to retrieve them in a timely manner and thus expose patients to filter deterioration and the health issues that follow.

There are five varying products that consistently emerge in IVC filter litigation: The Bard Recovery filter; The Bard G2 filter; The Bard G2 Express filter; The Cook Gunther Tulip filter; and the Cook Celect filter.  There are, however, additional devices that have been known cause to similar health issues.

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