Xarelto Litigation

The manufacturers, Bayer Healthcare and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. are defendants in various Xarelto lawsuits, which allege that the effects of the anticoagulant drug included increased risks of fatal internal bleeding. Claims against these companies state that the blood-thinning effects cannot be reversed by utilizing Vitamin K, unlike the traditional blood thinner, warfarin. Hence, the lawsuits argue, there are no effective means to stop bleeding in Xarelto users and in the event of an emergency can result in serious or fatal injuries from cerebral hemorrhaging and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Pharmaceutical companies have a both a legal and moral duty to ensure that their drugs are safe for use. The Hotze Runkle law firm is working hard for families who suffered a loss or were hurt by the drug. We can help you seek compensation from Bayer and Janssen for pain and suffering, past and future medical bills, lost wages, or unfortunately if necessary, funeral expenses.

Alongside these issues are additional allegations against Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals that include:

  • The drugs link to serious bleeding complications, excessive blood loss, eye bleeding (vitreous hemorrhage), wound infections, and lack of effectiveness in preventing dangerous clotting.
  • Marketing of the drug as a better anticoagulant in comparison to other drugs despite studies finding higher rates of side-effect issues.
  • Inadequate training of professional medical staff on methodologies to treat Xarelto users during medical emergencies.
  • Inadequate warnings to Xarelto users about health risks associated with fatal bleeding.

If you or a loved one in your family has had to deal with serious health issues as a result of taking Xarelto, let the attorneys of Hotze Runkle fight for the justice you deserve.

Please be aware that there is a statute of limitations, which bars claims not brought within an allotted time period after the injury. To ensure that you receive the legal guidance your suffering necessitates, please contact us today for a free consultation on your possible legal options. Hotze Runkle will analyze your experiences and help you to understand if you have a qualifying case for compensation.

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