Characteristics of the worst nursing homes

Most nursing home facilities in the U.S. possess safe, friendly, and helpful environments.  Although geriatric care facilities receive quite a bit of oversight, there are still a handful of nursing homes with abhorrent conditions. If you are trying to find a nursing home to entrust the care of your loved one to, look out for the following warning signs recently published by U.S. News & World Report.

The first sign to look out for is if the facility has a history of violations or bad reviews. You can research this through, which rates nursing homes based on health inspections, staffing,  and the quality of medical care given to residents. If the nursing home has just a few severe violations, it would absolutely be wise to steer clear of that facility.

Furthermore, staff turnover rate is a big sign to watch out for. If staff members have been working there for 15-20 years, it is a very good sign. If staff members are frequently leaving after just a year or two, on the other hand, this often shows that not even the staff enjoys the environment they are in.

Another bad sign is when residents lack independence; if residents are able to add their own personal touch to their rooms, they generally feel much better and less like they are in a jail. So lastly, if you just have an overall uneasy feeling in the facility, it likely will not be a good place to put your loved one.

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