Empowering nursing staff leads to higher quality care

According to a recent study, empowering nursing staff and resident family members in the managerial decision making process improves the overall quality of care in nursing homes. Specifically, empowering nursing assistants improves quality of service more than with nurses or family members.

The study, led by Darla J. Hamann, Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Arlington, sent out surveys to 1,000 employees as well as the primary-contact member of each resident at 33 nursing homes across the country.  The surveys asked about each individual’s involvement in the decision making process within the facility such as with menu planning and activities. With this data, Hamann examined the relationship between the decision making process at certain hierarchical levels and quality of service.

“Empowering the NAs, who spent more time with the residents and their families, was more effective for improving service quality than empowering other types of employees,” Harman wrote.

Many injuries are the result of management making decisions without the welfare of the resident in mind. As such, if management would just take the time to listen to the caregivers who know the residents and their families best, then there would likely be fewer negative outcomes.

Even when this is done, nursing home management still has the competing pressures of maximizing profits. At Hotze Runkle PLLC, our attorneys know that even with input from caregivers, injuries can still occur when nursing home management puts their finances ahead of patient well being. As such, if your loved one has been hurt while in the care of a nursing home or other long-term care facility, our Texas nursing home abuse attorneys are here to help you pursue justice. Call us today at (877) 919-0830 to learn more about what we can do for you.