Texas Facilities added to the Special Focus Facility Initiative

In an effort to create a system in which negligent nursing homes across the country are held accountable for serious and recurring deficiencies in care quality, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has joined with state departments to implement the Special Focus Facility Initiative. This program pinpoints elder care facilities that have either a higher than average amount of violations, a high amount of serious violations that may cause harm or injury to residents, or a pattern of persistent serious or recurring problems spread over at least three years.

The facilities found in abundant violation are placed on the Special Focus Facility (SFF) list in an effort to effect change within these nursing homes. Facilities placed on the SFF list will be inspected by officials at least twice a year and enforcement penalties, including fines and termination from Medicare and Medicaid, will be applied to those who fail to correct their violations in a timely fashion.

In the most recent publication of the SFF list, two nursing homes in Texas were added to the list of Special Focus Facilities:

  • Arbor Terrace Healthcare Center
  • Immanuels Healthcare

It was also revealed that two other Texas nursing homes have been on the SFF list for over a year and have shown no improvement. Those two facilities are:

  • Care Inn of Abiline
  • Fortress Health & Rehab of Rock Prairie

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