Families mourn relatives mistreated in nursing homes

Twenty-nine-year-old Brooke Harris said it’s hard for her to accept what happened to her grandmother, Laura Jean Enos, who died in October after not being properly taken care of at her nursing home.

Lorene Enos, Harris’ mother and the daughter of the woman who was allegedly abused, said her mother had “many bruises on her face” when she died, likely caused by her falling down.

Another man, thirty-eight-year-old Nathan Castro, said they should have known the tell-tale signs of trouble when the idea of returning to the nursing home after an outing brought his mother to tears. He explained that she “didn’t want to go back, but she wouldn’t tell us why.” Castro claimed he also noticed bruises on his mother’s body at times, but never confirmed whether or not abuse was taking place.

According to Medicare.org, half of the staff members at 12 nursing homes in Abilene, Texas have been rated less than average when it comes to performance of their duties. Sadly, these numbers have a significant impact on the families whose elderly loved ones suffer at the hands of negligent nursing home staff. If you are dealing with this traumatizing and difficult situation, call the attorneys at Hotze Runkle immediately at (877) 919-0830 to let us help you put a stop to the abuse today.