Difference Between Neglect and Abuse

People often interchange the terms nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect, but the concepts are not exactly the same. Abuse is the intentional infliction of harm on someone, whether it is physical, emotional, or sexual harm. On the other hand, neglect refers to the failure to provide the necessary care for an individual, resulting in that individual’s injury or illness.

Neither action should ever be tolerated, though many nursing home residents in Texas do suffer from this maltreatment. The attorneys of Hotze Runkle, believe Texas residents and their families should know their legal rights in case they are ever affected by abuse.

Forms of Abuse and Neglect

Abuse is fairly straightforward and includes direct physical force inflicted on a resident or emotional abuse such as verbally shaming, humiliating, or degrading an individual. Neglect, however, happens through more passive actions, like:

  • Failing to administer medication
  • Mixing up medications
  • Hospital error / nursing home oversight
  • Failing to check on patients regularly
  • Failing to clean / sanitize area

All of these actions, whether abusive or neglectful, can damage a resident’s physical and emotional health. Neither neglect nor abuse is tolerable, especially in the nursing homes that elderly residents depend upon for their well-being.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Texas

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