How to Identify Malnutrition in Elderly Adults

While there are many respectable nursing homes that take excellent care of their patients, there are unfortunately others that contribute to the worsening health of those who live there. One of the most dangerous examples of nursing home negligence manifests in the form of malnutrition. Through a number of incompetent practices, nursing homes may fail to ensure that your loved one is receiving enough food and nutrition. Malnutrition can result in weakened muscles, a deteriorating immune system, and in extreme cases, death.

Signs of Malnutrition

It can be difficult to spot malnutrition in elderly adults, and this condition may go unnoticed by negligent nursing home employees. As such, it may be up the patient’s loved ones and friends to watch out for the signs of malnutrition. A few ways you can identify malnutrition include:

  • Eating with your loved one. By visiting the nursing home during meals, you will be able to see exactly what the staff is serving, how much of it they offer, and whether or not your loved one is eating it.
  • Keep track of weight fluctuation. Monitor your loved one’s weight and take note if it drops significantly.
  • Pay attention to health. If your loved one bruises easily, suffers from dental problems, or has wounds that heal slowly, he or she may be a victim of malnutrition.

Other factors can affect your loved one’s weight, such as certain medications. However, any of these signs should be a cause for serious concern, as they may suggest the negligence of nursing homes.

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