Negligence and Cleanliness in Nursing Homes

In order to prevent the spread of harmful infectious germs among such a potentially vulnerable population, nursing homes in Texas are under a legal obligation to ensure their residents enjoy a clean living environment. Knowing the legal obligations that Texas nursing homes are bound by, you had every reason to believe that your loved one be living in an environment that at least met these most basic of standards. When nursing homes do not maintain adequate living conditions for their residents, however, it constitutes negligence.

Maintaining a Clean Living Environment

Nursing homes in Texas are expected to maintain a clean living environment by ensuring that the following tasks are routinely completed:

  • Sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming of all floor surfaces
  • Changing and washing of all linens
  • Sterilizing bathrooms and sinks
  • Cleaning the kitchen surfaces throughout the day and dishes immediately after use
  • Ensuring that residents’ clothes are soil-free and clean
  • Ensuring that outdoor areas and paths are clear of obstruction

There is no reason that any nursing homes facility should ever fail to uphold these most basic standards of cleanliness; now that they have failed to care for your loved one, you should consider what legal actions may now be available to you and your family.

Consult with a Nursing Home Negligence Attorney in Texas

If the living conditions of your loved one’s nursing home do not meet Texas state standards, your loved one may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim if he or she became sick as a result. In any case, you should speak with a Texas nursing home negligence attorney at Hotze Runkle about what legal claim to compensation your loved one may now possess. To discuss the particulars of your claim with one of our lawyers, please call our offices at (877) 919-0830 today.