Nursing Home Medication Errors

Nursing home residents trust their care to a nursing home when a family can no longer provide the full-time care that their loved one may require. All too often, these residents don’t receive the proper care they should. In fact, one in three residents in nursing homes has suffered from a medication error during their treatment. In an unfortunate development, doctors who review patient records have determined that 59% of errors in nursing homes are preventable.

Common Errors in Medication Administration

Nursing home residents often take several medications a day to maintain their health. These medications are crucial and need to be meticulously handled so residents do not suffer any worsened health conditions. Unfortunately, common errors in medication administration in nursing homes include:

  • Crushing medications that shouldn’t be crushed
  • Giving medication that should be taken with food without food
  • Administering the incorrect dose
  • Mixing up medicines between patients
  • Failure to give adequate fluids with medication

Incorrect medication or an error in administration can severely jeopardize a nursing home resident’s health. If an error has been made, a Texas nursing home lawyer may be able to assist you in the pursuit of financial restitution.

Contact a Texas Nursing Home Lawyer

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