Texas Malnutrition Lawyer

Nursing homes are supposed to care for the needs of those placed in their charge, including basic issues such as nutrition and health. Sadly, far too many nursing homes do not provide even a minimum level of care and support for their residents. Simple neglect or intentional disregard for the well-being of elderly individuals can result in a wide range of serious problems, with malnutrition being among the most prevalent and the most dangerous.

Malnutrition can have devastating or even fatal consequences for elderly individuals, particularly those whose health may already be in decline. That’s why it is essential that nursing homes that allow residents to suffer malnutrition be held accountable for such inexcusable wrongdoing. If your loved one has been the victim of malnutrition in a nursing home in Texas, the lawyers from Hotze Runkle, understand the consequences it can have, and we work to help families in these situations take appropriate action to ensure that their loved one gets the care they need and the justice they may deserve.

Dangers of Nursing Home Malnutrition

Malnutrition can have a range of serious consequences for elderly individuals, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Dangerous loss of weight
  • Increased susceptibility to infectious disease
  • Increased susceptibility to vitamin-deficiency conditions

Unfortunately, if individuals are already in a vulnerable state of heath, the effects of malnutrition can be even more pronounced and, far too often, have irreversible or even fatal consequences.

Talk to a Malnutrition Attorney in Texas

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