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If you or your child became addicted to JUUL or developed a medical problem, you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer with the help of Hotze Runkle PLLC and our JUUL lawsuit lawyers.

JUUL first showed up on the market in 2015. It’s an electronic cigarette marketed as a “safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.” The manufacturer made promises to consumers that they could use JUUL to quit smoking. Since its release, people have become addicted to vaping and are now suffering the negative effects.

Through aggressive social media campaigns and other marketing efforts, JUUL has become popular among a new customer base: teenagers. Many teens and pre-teens are now addicted to the e-cigarette despite never picking up an actual cigarette before. With flavors used to target children, such as cotton candy, JUUL seemed like a fun and safe product to use.

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Federal and State Regulations Banning JUUL Flavors

After an outbreak of “popcorn lung” and other medical issues related to vaping, states and municipalities increased their efforts to ban or restrict JUUL’s sale and other vaping products. The new restrictions and federal regulations, led to JUUL Labs discontinuing most of their flavored pods and creating new marketing campaigns.

Currently, JUUL only sells three different flavors: Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, and Menthol. However, there are still other manufacturers marketing tasty flavors like Glazed Donut and Apple Pie. Despite the new laws governing JUUL pods and other vaping products, they only went into effect after the many deaths and hospitalizations reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

People are still getting sick and dying from vaping-related diseases, and JUUL continues to market their product as a better alternative to smoking. They don’t use the phrase “safer alternative” anymore, but they do describe it as a more attractive solution than cigarettes because there’s no ash or unpleasant odor.

The Chemicals Found in JUUL

One JUUL cartridge contains liquid made of propylene glycol, benzoic acid, flavoring, and glycerol. It also contains 40 mg of nicotine, which is higher than other vaping devices you can find on the market. That increases the risk of becoming addicted to JUUL pods.

A study performed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom found that nicotine was more addictive than alcohol and anti-anxiety drugs. They even concluded that it was on a similar level of addictiveness as cocaine.

Addiction isn’t the only negative impact of the nicotine in JUUL pods. Many research articles show how nicotine impairs brain and lung development in adolescent children. It can also lead to various forms of cancer, lung disease, and respiratory illnesses.

It’s important to mention the fact that nicotine isn’t the only toxic chemical found in JUUL pods. Besides the five main liquid ingredients listed above, there are 42 other chemicals that researchers identified. Many of the chemicals are carcinogens, such as benzoic acid.

Nicotine Exposure and the Health Effects

When nicotine enters your body, it can wreak havoc on your organs and cause serious medical conditions. Some of the effects associated with nicotine use include:

  • Behavioral and neurodevelopment issues of a fetus
  • Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease (COPD)
  • Increased asthma attacks in children
  • Heart diseases
  • Cancer
  • Predisposed depression and nicotine addiction from prenatal exposure
  • Childhood and neonatal complications, such as cognitive disorders, renal dysfunction, and type 2 diabetes mellitus

How JUUL Markets to Teens and Young Adults

JUUL successfully targeted teens and young adults for years. Many people believe the redesign of their vape device was to reach a younger customer base. The engineers at JUUL Labs came up with a device that looks much like a USB drive. That makes it easy for middle and high schoolers to carry it with them to class and hide it in plain sight.

It’s not surprising that this design is popular among a younger group of consumers. Teens find it easier to hide JUUL pods from their teachers and parents because they can pass them off as a USB drive containing their homework. It’s also small enough to fit inside a pants pocket or purse.

Many critics believe the range of tasty flavors were supposed to appeal to children. Typically, a person trying to quit smoking cigarettes will want a device that reminds them of a cigarette. They won’t want to taste strawberries or pancake syrup. Those are the flavors that teens and children want because they mimic candy and dessert. Additionally, many of the skins consumers can adhere to their JUUL device feature animal pictures, cartoons, and school mascots.

You Can Sue JUUL Labs for Financial Compensation

You deserve compensation for the illness or medical complication you sustained from using JUUL. It’s your right to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer for creating and marketing a dangerous product. The company knew that its vaping device could lead to serious health problems but didn’t warn its consumers.

An act of negligence is a huge part of any product liability case. In this instance, negligence existed on the part of JUUL Labs, which can be the basis of your lawsuit. To use the theory of negligence, you must prove the elements below:

  • The manufacturer owed you a duty of care;
  • They breached that duty;
  • The breach caused your injury;
  • The manufacturer should have known their product would cause an injury; and
  • You suffered damages.

The maker of JUUL concealed the negative effects of their device and even marketed it as “safer” than cigarettes. Many consumers used the product to help them quit smoking and continued vaping, believing it wouldn’t cause them any harm. Unfortunately, people are realizing the adverse effects of JUUL pods and are seeking compensation for their damages.

The Damages Available in a Lawsuit

You can claim various damages when you pursue civil action against a negligent party. There are two types of damages victims of product liability try to recover: economic and non-economic. Economic damages are expenses a person incurs after an accident or circumstances that cause their injury. Non-economic damages are losses that are difficult to calculate, such as physical pain.

The most common damages available in a product liability lawsuit include:

  • Medical expenses: Costs associated with treatment, such as physical therapy, hospital visits, and surgery.
  • Past and future lost wages: Income you can’t earn because of your injury.
  • Loss of consortium: Lost relationship with a family member due to an injury.
  • Emotional trauma: Emotional pain endured because of the dangerous product.
  • Pain and suffering: Physical pain suffered.
  • Disfigurement or disability: A permanent medical condition that prevents you from performing your routine.

A jury will review your damages and other factors to determine the financial award you deserve. While economic damages are easy to calculate because there’s physical documentation that comes with it, non-economic damages are difficult to monetize.

When the jury is trying to come up with a fair number to compensate you for your losses, they will consider the following circumstances:

  • Total medical costs related to treatment
  • Prescribed medication
  • Recovery period
  • If the injury is permanent
  • Life disruptions, such as missed work, school, or canceled vacation
  • Physical or emotional distress experienced

Why You Should Hire a JUUL Lawsuit Lawyer

It can be overwhelming and difficult to pursue a lawsuit alone. If you don’t have legal representation, you won’t understand your rights or what a fair financial award looks like. The opposing party will probably take advantage of your lack of experience and try to intimidate you into accepting a low settlement to close out the case quickly.

A dedicated JUUL lawsuit lawyer from Hotze Runkle PLLC will protect your rights and make sure all parties involved in the lawsuit treat you fairly. We believe in the importance of justice and want to ensure the negligent manufacturer suffers the consequences of their reckless actions.

When you hire us, we will handle all the legal aspects of your case, so you won’t have to worry about it. Sometimes it’s tough obtaining evidence and submitting the appropriate documentation to the court. We know exactly how to request medical records, locate witnesses, and provide other relevant information.

There are also state laws and deadlines you have to follow. If you miss a deadline, your case could get thrown out. A statute of limitations is the amount of time a person has to bring a civil action against another. If the statute passes, you lose your right to pursue compensation from the negligent party. Every state has a different statute for product liability cases.

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