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Expert witnesses are individuals who have special knowledge in a particular field relevant to your case. Expert witnesses can provide important pieces of evidence through facts and experience, providing testimony on your behalf.

In the case of a defective drug claim, an expert witness can prove to be essential to proving the validity of your case. Your attorney can help you to secure the aid of these individuals.

At Hotze Runkle PLLC, we understand that the victims of defective drugs are often left in pain and confusion. Without a clear understanding of their legal rights and without much guidance on what steps they need to take next to protect themselves, individuals suffering from a defective product can face a world of problems.

But there is hope. 

If you have suffered from permanent, excessive tearing as a result of being treated with the chemotherapy drug, Taxotere, know that you do have legal options. The attorneys of Hotze Runkle PLLC will help you to develop the strongest claim possible alongside a supporting cast of expert witnesses, medical experts, investigators, researchers, and other legal personnel to secure the results you deserve.  

What Is an Expert Witness? 

Expert witnesses (also known as judicial experts) are witnesses who, by skill, training, education, or experience, have vital expertise and key knowledge that is beyond what a layperson might have.

In court, they are accepted as having an expert opinion that carries weight. An expert witness can deliver expert evidence using all the knowledge from their given field. An opinion from an expert witness can be used to demonstrate wrongdoing in an accident, the medical facts of a given defective drug, or can provide research highlighting how a given product was improperly designed or manufactured.

When the time comes to prove your damages, expert witnesses can include grief counselors, psychologists, forensic accountants, and psychiatrists. 

Expert Witnesses Vs. Testifying Experts

There are two wide categorizations of witnesses – testifying experts and consulting witnesses.  A consulting witness can help explain the facts of a case. However, these individuals generally do not testify in court – unless they are recruited to do so. Instead, consulting experts help your legal team to better understand facts regarding the given defective product/drug, how it works, and industry-related standards regarding manufacturing. They can, however, assist your lawyer in securing a qualifying expert witness.  

On the other hand, an expert witness does provide testimony in front of a judge or jury. 

What Are Some Types of Testifying Experts? 

For defective drug claims, the following types of expert witnesses may be able to provide support in proving your claim: 

  • Accident Reconstruction Expert — An accident reconstructionist can piece together the specifics of an event to determine a timeline.
  • Medical Expert — This person will be able to speak about the nature of a plaintiff’s injuries. This will usually provide the necessary evidence against the defendant. 
  • Engineering Expert — An engineering expert can explain what happened and why when regarding a defective medical device or other product. 
  • Mental Health Expert —  A mental health expert can evaluate the mental state of the plaintiff. Not only that, they can help determine how the injury affected the plaintiff’s state of mind. This can naturally be used to calculate pain and suffering based damages.
  • Financial Expert — A financial expert can calculate how much you’re owed in the event of loss of finances as a result of hospital stays and recovery. 
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Expert — If you were injured as the result of your defective drug use, there are usually questions regarding your ability to be gainfully employed. This type of expert can give the necessary insights into any and possibly all future work prospects.

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Breast cancer patients have relied on docetaxel infusions to keep cancer cells from replicating, but unfortunately, docetaxel medications such as Taxotere can have a negative effect on your health. 

If you are suffering from permanent and excessive tearing as a result of being treated with Taxotere, you should seek out the unmatched legal experience of the Taxotere lawsuit attorneys of Hotze Runkle PLLC. Our law firm – in collaboration with expert witnesses – can help to develop a winning case for you.  

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