Fake hospice nurse treated over 200 patients

Arranging in-home hospice care for a terminally ill relative is emotionally taxing to begin with. These anxieties will double, or probably even triple, when you learn that your loved one has not been in the care of a medical professional, but by a con artist hoping to make a quick buck.

This was the case for more than 200 families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas when Jada Necole Antoine stole the identity of a registered nurse and used her credentials to gain employment in various hospices around the area. Antoine worked for nearly three years in the medical field without any training, and saw to over 200 patients in that time.

Special Agent Brian Marlow of the FBI’s Dallas Division investigated the case. The investigation started in 2013 with a routine traffic stop in Texas. Upon being over for a traffic violation, Antoine gave the police officer her own identification, revealing a prior warrant for arrest. The police officer was also able to recover the identification documents of the nurse whose identity Antoine had stolen during a search of the vehicle.

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